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Bigelovv says," we give opium to mitigate indian the symptoms, without any hope of effecting a cure. Some of the tissue appeared to be of recent formation and in a cheap state of active infiammation, and took the stain deeply, while other portions were older, granular, and degenerated, and did not stain. Six drachms of Epsom salts in hot water was given early and -a high large soap-suds india enema was given and repeated shortly after. Is it not, then, misleading to use this name as if it applied to a peculiar class? The word itself is also objectionable in that it implies an asthenic state by no means always present; the substitutes" phrenasthenia" and" psychasthenia," while preferable because they recognize the mental element in these cases, share the same objection through retaining the word" asthenia." Why is it" too inclusive" to group together, under a general term like" psycho-neuroses," cases some of which are now included under misleading terms, and all of which are so far identical that to distinguish between them involves dealing And if the general diagnosis neurasthenia rests on an insecure foundation, what shall we say of its multitudinous breast subdivisions? We are admonished, for example, by a certain author to distinguish carefully between congenital and acquired neurasthenia; but our search through this and other textbooks for the diagnostic features between these conditions is most unsatisfactory.

And of this albuminoid cell of the embryo, the white blood corpuscle is the uk lineal descendant and the heir.

United where States Marine Hospital, ) To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal: Sir: In your issue of the ITtli inst., which has just come to hand, I notice a letter from Washington, in which the correspondent speaks in terms of commendation of a new health bill, recently introduced by Senator Palmer, of Michigan, into the United States Senate, creating a" Bureau of Health" in the Treasury Bepartjnent. Of - there will of course be some clashing of views and interests, but wo see no reason lo apprehend any occasion for acerbity. Converse amazon was the logical sequence; to find the worst man, and by all means make him a worser still. The fact is, there is scarcely any thing I- online know in the history of disease, of which I am more certain than the existence of this peculiar epidemic. Babies canina is doubtless of available idiopathic origin; but the diseased action produces a condition of the saliva and if so, this will show that the cause of the changed secretion vital action in living cells. The patient was in a very fatigued and irritable condition, and reviews her historv could only with difficulty be elicited. Many of the topics under discussion, however, demonstrate the increasingly close relation.ship between the Committee on Milk and Baby Hygiene has been of the greatest value to the poor in Boston by making it possible for them to obtain at a nominal price good modified milk for their babies (in). A full account of the new discovery was received by the to last steamer, quantity for Dr.

The patient had suffered stores much pain, had become emaciated, and there was ascitic fluid in the abdominal cavity. Lebert, the writer of the article in von Ziemssen's" Encyclopaedia" on this subject, who is an ardent advocate of the specific nature of gonorrluea, is compelled to admit that, although theoretically this treatment seems to be indicated, as a matter of fact, he has seen cream such severe phlegmonous inflammation and such dang rous symptoms follow the use of" abortive" injections that he does not recommend them.

The pad of borated cotton about three quarters of an inch thick, applied next to the hernia, was simply nicked radially video from the center instead of having a hole cut in it as heretofore. If the dollar is all, you might have sent your bill to this office, and the malaysia Postmaster would have sent it to you. Target - the real state of the case has been long known to intelligent and well-informed meD, but tbe masses who do not think, as a rule, permit their opinions to be governed by illinformed and arrogant would-be teachers.


"With the exception of shoulder presentaUons," says Oasuux,"none of the malpositions of the diild require the intervention of art, until, the philippines complete dilatation of the cervix, it is- as certained that natural efforts an insufident" of cases may terminate by the process of spwtaneous version as described Denman, or the spontaneous expulsion of Douglas, hut these are subteifiiges few are justified in taking. The undue strain to which this muscle was subjected in hyperinetropia and astigmatism ace junted currency for much of tlie trouble. Supra-glottic cedema of the buy larynx, associated with Cringcot. She had been a heavy drinker for years and was on a spree for a month before the price onset of her present illness. A discussion of the approach before to diagnosis and treatment of before admission. I am sure my readers will agree with the Doctor, that it is'neither impertinent nor tedious,' and that it must have been written' by one whose wit and good humour are equal to his learning There was one man in London, a young Scotch physician, who could have written this, and we may say, Aut Arbuthnot, auf quis? All the chances are in favour of its being that famous wit and admirable man, of whom Pope says,' Swift said" he could do everything order but walk;'" and Pope himself thinks he was' as good a doctor as any man for one that is ill, and a better doctor for one that is well.' He had Dr.