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This vitiated bile was a constant source of annoyance in a large number of very capsules bad cases.

Although during the fifteen months of residence in Saranac he was quite ill on three or four occasions, 450 when new foci of the disease caused crises, he felt well enough at the end of this time to insist upon returning to New York to work. A cystitis in wcmien that resisted the topical applications of the silver nitrate solution by the Kelly method should be looked upon with marked suspicion as being of tuberculous character, even though repeated examinations of the indian urnie should show an absence of the tubercle bacillus.

This of course would not be indicated by any abrupt fall in the temperature, but pulse and breathing, sputum and physical signs, all showed that resolution had begun, that the acute phase of the disease was at an end; the symptom ferer was separated from the other symptoms, of but the morbid process was not thereby appreciably altered. Hematomas bottle in the four primary locations give characteristic neuro-ophthalmological gate deviation of the eyes toward the side of the hemorrhage.