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There are also a Chemical antl a Physiological is Laboratory, where instruction is given under the superintendence of the Professors of Chetnistry and of Physiology.

It is only, therefore, when a clinical history and definite anatomic data are present that it is justifiable to powder raise the question whether a given case of peritonitis should be considered idiopathic or whether it should be regarded as one of the many possible secondary forms of peritonitis. Under this second curetting haemorrhage again ceased, and notwithstanding the testosterone fact that daily applications of tannin and glycerine and iodoform were made to the entire endometrium, the tendency to re-formation of the vegetations went on, and curetting again became necessary. Senn spoke of the special complications and sequela? of gall-stones: lehyam. 450mg - these corpuscles pass along the lymphatic spaces in which the nerves lie and between the lamella-, and alone constitute the pus-corpuscles found in the tissue when it is inflamed.

Bamberger next contributed a collective investigation and a general summary of the clinical picture of this form The pathology and treatment of inflammations in the right iliac fossa received a fresh stimulus and were dealt with from a fresh point of view when antiseptic surgery was introduced in the early treatment of perityphlitis; an important controversy then began, in which the last McBurney, and others) were the pioneers in this, and were followed chief result of all the weight work done on this subject is, from the point of view of treatment, the recognition of the advisability of early operation, and, pathologically, the recognition of the importance of inflammation of the vermiform appendix. Vineberg had split up the cervix bilaterally so as to allow of a free digital exploration and curettage, there would have benefits been no occasion for further operative measures. Of" some abdominal pains; said he had suffered tlirough the whole night; had not indulged in any dissipation the day before; had eaten a light supper and had retired bowels;"he was ruptured on tiie right side, and this morning he could not get it all back." The vomited matter was stercoraceous, aiul I at once organic made inquiry if he was ruptiued, and elicited the above facts.

The most miserable food was doled out to them in insufficient quantity extract and at irregular intervals. The ninth, or glosso-pharyngcal nerve, arises from the rcstiform "for" body, near the sulcus between that and the olivary body.

It is remarkable rather that his theoretical views, in so many and such weighty respects opposed to those which had hitherto prevailed, should Ill-fortune, or rather the often unfortunate tenor of the doctrines of a la Paracelsus, and the same fate befell his silly descendant Hahnemann, though with more justice to the latter than to that profound and ingenious reformer, whom Shakespeare, in his"All's well that ends well", calls the greatest physician after Galen, and of whom Ranke says:" In him there lived a spirit ingenious, profound and endowed with rare knowledge, which from the single point which he grasped intended to vanquish the world: reaching out far too widely, self-sufficient, arrogant and fantastic; such a spirit as often presents itself still in the German nation." It is, however, characteristic that the central point of his reform, his transformation of practice, was precisely that which procured him followers (and right zealous ones too) even among the learned of his own: ashwagandha. At the age of fourteen leaves months the baby weighed twenty-three and onehalf pounds, and was a perfect infant to look at. Whoever has attentively examined the posterity of De Gama, and Albuquerque, now scattered over the coast of Malabar, the plains of Bengal, and the Island of Macao, once the theatres of Lusitanian pre eminence, will be tempted to exclaim:'Twas not the sires of such as these, Who dared the elements and pathless seas; Who made proud Asian monarchs feel How weak their gold was against Europe's steelBut beings of another mould, Rough, hardy, vigorous, manly, bold! In answer to this it will be alleged," that they have married and blended with the natives until all shade of distinction is obliterated." But it is well known to those who have resided long in India, that the two great prevailing classes of society in that country, the Hindoos and Mahomedans, hold these descendants of the Portuguese, in the most marked and sovereign contempt; while the latter, still retaining a remnant of the religion, and all the prejudice of their progenitors, entertain an equal abhorrence to uses their idolatrous and infidel neighbours.


The medicolegal aspect and the question of accident and insurance are, of course, quite loss distinct and fall into quite another category.

Of headaclie, pain in the side, chillj- sensations and swelling of effects the feet. Men behaved in relation to the laws which govern human evolution very much as primeval savages behaved in relation to the laws of physical nature, were content with superstitions where they ought to get understanding, and put up prayers where they ksm-66 should exert intelligent will. E., hemostasis was secured entirely by means of pressure-forceps, increase no sutures or ligatures having been used. The entertainment of the members side of the American Medical Association our Denver brethren are planning in a thoroughly whole-souled and characteristic fashion. The hands are not like those of a cretin, and the little and ring fingers deviate toward the ulnar side, the middle and index fingers to the sleep radial side when the hand is placed upon a flat surface. In none was the tumour of large size; the author stated that it was not the dimensions, safe but the unyielding nature and position of the swelling that caused trouble. Recent weekly returns of mortality in Paris show that typhoid stresscom fever is remarkably fatal in that city. Anterior to the central fissure the left himalaya hemisphere appears to be normal, though it is smaller tlian the corresponding area on the right side; but posterior to the ascending parietal gyrus the convolutions are shriveled and flattened, and there are few distinct furrows.