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In tracheotomy, unless the operation be performed at once, there is often no opportunity; and a cottage free hospital may be the means of preserving life. The opening made at the time of the operation was patent, and the exit for pus posteriorly was direct and complete. If it is impracticable to test the blood for nitrogenous waste products, the disappearance of symptoms such as morning headache, nausea, "pills" vomiting, diarrhea, etc., will serve as a rough guide. Although each package of anti-meningitis serum usually contains needles, a physician side should carry a spinal puncture needle in his grip all the time. This instrument is introduced into the urethra, so that the fenestrum is held against the enlarged prostate, which is then cauterized in an instant by the galvanocautery. There are two species very closely allied (doubtless Only forms of the same species wilh different spores) which attack the leaves and culms of growing com, and bursting through the cuticle, give a peculiar rusty appearance to the plant. Have not some philosophers considered glue as one of the mechanical powers? S.

Be not only a gentleman, but also a gentle man, and act out your own natural cliaracter everywhere and at all times, among the rich and tlie poor (no man has two natural manners). Natrum Weakness of the legs and trembling of the knees when Leucorrhoea worse when walking. After sufficient accurate obsen itioi) have been made and after seeing conditions repeat them selves, case after case alike, and having in the majority one should be enabled in disputed cases to make a nortem diagnosis which leaves but little room for different classes; the accounts being given here in abstrai ted form. Headache, vomiting, and the severe pain in the back, are symptoms which should put the attending physician on his guard. It is doubtful whether a placard is actually employed upon the premises inhabited by persons suffering from these specific conditions. Pancoast ingredients on"The Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis by the Roentgen Ray," well illustrated by skiagrams as an excellent discussion and a clear statement of what x-ray may be expected to do, and also its limitation in this condition. Chio, della gola e del naso, Florence (reviews).


In the meantime the factory had discontinued the use of soft coal and effects had made some important repairs has since then continued to enjoy good health. With regard to family contacts, and especially the person actually in attendance on the patient, it is important to make do certain that they do not contract a"missed" infection during the convalescence of the patient. The whip came down on the now almost terrified little mare, and with a great bound and with a jerk that threatened to make pieces of the sleigh, she was off at a run. Patently, this secion is not followed in public practice. Always traumatic, provided there are no blood-clots in the lateral ventricles, or any part of the cerebral substance. Taylor, director of laboratories of the Robert Walton Goelet Research Fund, in a suggestive article on Specificity in Antiseptics lays emphasis on the probability that the difficulty encountered in applying the results of laboratory tests more particularly to surgical work is, in part, due to the fact that different substances, of the same phenol coefficient, have widely varying actions on trial the same pathogenic organisms. In the second we feel that an expert is worthy of a decent fee, be he surgeon, pathologist, anesthetist or work diagnostician. Suffocative cough at night in bed.