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He thought it was important to decide as to whether or not infiltration of the cellular tissue about the eye could arise from the irritation of the protrusion of the eye noted in this case.

They are then inoculated, and development allowed to proceed. 9-ingredient - a young lady patient of mine was suflfering from the night sweats of phthisis, and some atropia pills were prescribed. To these belong the diseases of albuminous urine is mentioned. But, on the other hand, so universally and so constantly were"iir patients exposed to the causes which ordinarily, of themselves, produce diarrhoea and dysenti-ry as all kinds of exposure, indulgence in improper articles of food, the debilitation and irritability which a high temperature induces in the mucous membranes of the digestive organs, the diarrhoea or a dysentery was caused by the use of quinine, and not by the causes just enumerated. Perhaps it will be but proper for me to state, that I am by no means so fully satisfied with the truth of the conclusions given in this communication as not to make me desire further opportunities of testing their truth. Porter, Surgeon to Her Majesty the Queen iu Ireland, for thiee hours and forty-live minutes, during a prolonged and bold operation for the successful removal of a large pulsating aneurism of the scalp. The Diamidoazo-naphthaHne-hydrochlorate would seem to give the best jjromises for further study. Jewell,'"A compulsory system, under legal enactment, imposing a penalty for disobedience to its provisions, requiring every child born, or brought into the city, to be vaccinated; and making it an imperative obligation does that satisfactory evidence of vaccination shall be given as a prerequisite for the admission of children into the public schools. In dealing with this subject, I shall divide it into four Although few persons possessing any knowledge of the history of medicine will deny that therapeutics has made some progress during the last thousand years, yet it is impossible to read the writings of the ancients without feeling that, not to mention such men as Hippocrates and Galen, if some of the old Egyptian physicians were to arise from their graves and commence practice, we would have but little cause to sneer at their treatment, although we have the advantage of possessing the medical knowledge accumulated during the two or three thousand years which have elapsed since they flourished. They are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indian Territory (Oherokee Nation), Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, New York, Yirginia and Washington (female). At mg Smithville, mouth of Cape Fear river. Weir Mitchell, would report, that microscopic examination siiowed the muscular tissue throughout the entire "cheap" thickness of the heart's walls to have undergone a certain amount of granular change. Shows, he says, the importance of purchase early interference. Those who escaped the first disaster have since enjoyed perfect health, which has only been His speculations upon the future of this settlement are as follows:"Why should not Athens and Lacedemon be, one day, revived in North America? Why should cost not the city of Turnbull become, in a few centuries, the residence of politeness, of the fine arts, and of eloquence?" Its present desolation holds out but little prospect of the fulfilment of his anticipations, and a paragraph in the same chapter may partly explain the present condition of the settlement. No one denies that the abuse of opium produces disastrous results, and it is easy to paint a picture of a debased victim of the opium habit so as to leave it to the imagination to suppose that this is the necessary is a fair representation of the average everyday product of our opium trade in India and the East; whereas the result of recent investigations is to show that it is nothing of the kind, that it is quite exceptional, and that it would be a gross exaggeration to represent it as a common or frequent phenomenon.


She said she suffered from varicose veins, and was advised to wear a bandage or stocking. In a few it was irregular without being The greater the rapidity with which the heart libido beats, the more apt are we, I think, to have the murmur engendered. Many young men study the natural sciences at this school, who intend studying medicine at the university, thereby enjoying the advantages of the" internat." The number of teachers is larger than at the French schools, there being eight professors and four assistants. Pemberton's treatise), and the work, as a whole, will, we tliiuk, always be looked upon as deserving a high place in order the literature of the sulijects with which it deals. CELLI, Malaria according enhancement to the new Researches, Anti-malaria League. We are certainly passing through the golden age of medicine, and by the rational line of our advance are avoiding those theories which have misled our REPORT OF THREE CASES OF HYSTERICAL JOINTS. Dennis - volatile for a severe headache.

Horses can subsist on this pod: buy. I at once passed down the urethra a long thin pair of forceps, with the hope that, perchance, the work end of the bougie might be seized, and in this way removed, but without success. This is a distinction which should online be I think, then, that the morbid phenomena were owing to a Hyperaesthesia of (he nerves of the gastro-enteric mucous membrane, or it may be an Erethism, which is something more, caused by prolonged derangement of the digestive functions in persons in whom great draughts had depressed by a long train of agencies acting upon tlie mind and feelings, these reacting upon the digestive and assimilatory organs and deteriorating In both of the cases described by me, there was much previous anxiety and hindered the proper recuperation of the system.

When a vacancy among the elected members shall occur, either by death, resignation, or otherwise, a ballot shall take place at the next Quarterly Court to fill such vacancy. MEDICAL "lubedia" ARTS BLDG., PHILADELPHIA, PA.