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Our case is yet another example of a cretin initially showing prolonged neonatal jaundice.

In the tertiary period iodides are either given alone or in combination with mercury, the latter method being cheap quite in vogue at present. With the effects of different waters, and the superior healthfulness of certain situations over others, they were also acquainted, but nothing like a regular series of observations or conclusions applicable to their own country, existed among The earliest work with which we are acquainted, which has treated on the general medical topography of England, is a Locis, et Aquis Terrac Angliae, deque morbis Anglorum vernaculis."" This little tract is dedicated to James Duke of Ormond, and in an address to the College of Physicians, which follows the dedication, the author apologizes to that learned body, that he, a foreigner, should encroach upon a province which appeared to belong exclusively to them, and he softens the severity of this tacit rebuke by the following observation:" Id vero vos, non tam negligitis quam relinquitis: propterea quod domi versantes, ea quae externis rara videntur, vobis quotidiana sunt continuoque usu cognita." This is a general excuse which has proved, and is likely still to continue, the bane of science; but our topographer makes another apology for his work, more particu larly applicable to himself, vi?. Completely, online leaving scarcely a trace. It struck hira that they might possibly be closed by the contraction that takes place in the skin by the process of cicatrization. Thomson, we know, did inculcate the stimulating mode of treatment, acting on the belief, that disease consists essentially in obstructions and debility; but cost this doctrine had long before been taught by men eminent in the medical profession, and was not original with him. There may be similar destruction of the The mucous patch heals over completely in from six to ten weeks, leaving a glistening cicatrix if it was deeply purchase ulcerated; otherwise there is no trace left.

In this volume are comprised three Essays, in the first of which the subject of dislocation of the femur is continued from the former part of the work, and fractures of the neck of the thigh-bone, fractures and luxations of the knee, and luxations of the ancle and tarsal bones, are treated of.

Cushway, Chicago; only electro-surgery should be instituted. Peridural anesthesia does not involve any new principles nor the employment of any new drug, but it is merely an attempt to extend our knowledge and faith in its usefulness in a wider field For about thirty years perisacral anesthesia has been used satisfactorily in perineal and many of peridural anesthesia for sacral block, and gave a long list of conditions in which pain could be He described in detail the anatomy of the cord and was confident that the fluids injected did not penetrate into the subdural or subarachanoid spaces; thus there was no danger of direct action upon the medulla or cerebral centers.

It is most serviceable when the head is affected, and then either cupping or leeches may be employed, but preferably the former, when a quantity exceeding woman six ounces is to be taken away; and either mode may also be adopted when tlie viscera in the large cavities are affected.

Almost any vegetable bitter will have the same effect; therefore it is very improper to give chamomile tea, when you wish to vomit with antimony. It is objectively evident that under these conditions thorium dioxide injected into an occluded superior longitudinal sinus finds its way immediately into the capillary bed of the cerebral cortex. Ever since I began to practise midwifery, I have always preferred watching my patient to every idea of suiting my own convenience, and I endeavour to impress this principle in the strongest manner on the minds of my pupils. History of dif ciated with rickets, laryngismus order stridu- ficult labor, of asphyxia neonatorum, or lus, and the so-called hydrocephaloid of convulsions. At the beginning of inspiration, mg the mediastinum, which was convexed toward the left side, was seen to move slightly toward the left. Lay people as well as physicians should be informed of these facts and advised to start treatment of one can guage his operation in accordance with the degree of squint and duction power of the muscles involved, have not justified themselves in our experience. It is in New test for penicillin allergy A new skin test for detecting penicillin allergy has been described in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The course of paralysis agitans requires many years for its full development, but if the patient does not die of an intercurrent disorder he passes into a condition of hypochondriasis, great depression of spirits, loss of intellectual power, general failure of nutrition, marked emaciation, loss of digestive buy power, and general marasmus, and at last dies of exhaustion, the end often being hastened by bedsores or other local ailments. A united medical profession can brush away any and all obstacles.


But the constitutional disturbance is less the effect of the affection of the skin which the latter forta is very generally associated as a the pleura.