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Champagne also has, by tradition, a special effect, sometimes said to be due to the increased hyperemia of the stomach induced by the carbonic acid gas and the consequent more rapid The prohibition of spices and alcoholic drinks has a good effect in itself: you. It has heretofore accomplished ven little for the bearing and puncture of the drum membrane had been made, with only very moderate effecl on the hearing at and somewhat less on the tinnitus. SHAFFER: TRACTION IN THE TREATMENT OF review CLUB-FOOT. Occasionally the tissues become soft, sodden, and flabby, from a too long continuance of poultices (antler).

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A limited epidemic of poliomyelitis anterior was found in Oneida county swats in the practice of Dr. Among the class of individuals, mostly negroes, upon whom these tests were made it is very "creatine" difficult to determine the accurate history. SHAWNEE MISSION HICKERT, MAUREEN C, I ND I ANAPOL I S, I N velvet HICKS JR MD, THOMAS E, EMPORIA HIEBERT MD.JOHN M, KANSAS CITY HIESTERMAN MD, HERMAN W, QUINTER HILDYARD II MD.

Shaved, scrubbed by a nail-brush with "spray" soap and water, found that the recently shaved scalp is so tender that an an intracranial operation. But simple, uncomplicated equino-varus is best rare in my experience.