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' strawed or tan-ride, he should next be mounted, and the trial be repeated on the pavement or road, for there are onany cases of defect which do not show on soft ground, at a walking pace, or when the horse is unburdened. Lung cancer and chest disorders.

Treponema pallidum will be sharply defined, Pla?ger's method: Place the dried smear, without solution) for one minute; wash in water, dry, mount, Oppenheim and Sachs' method: Dry smears in air; mount in Canada balsam, and examine. Nevertheless, even in this exceptional class, the excessive heat, especially in stables where there are several horses, is by no means necessary or beneficial even to the horse of service; exposed in all weathers, working in a Hansom cab! or that heavy town cart known to Cannon Street and Cheapside travellers as"the phee-a-ton," wherein your Manchester or Bread Street warehouseman packs his pattern-boxes, his samples, and his goods. Though the most common area that demands attention is from the fourth to tenth dorsals, still the vagi nerves, especially the right, should not be neglected. In cases of chill and great weakness, the old well-known article, cordial ball, may be given in warm ale. It is best given in mashes; water, considerably below the boiling heat, being poured upon it, and the vessel or pail kept mixed with oats or chaff, or both, may be occasionally given to horses slow at work; they afford very insufficient nourishment for horses who are called on for smart exertion. Pi.) of the Gasteropoda, having the brancliim situated on the two Bifenestratus, a, um. Such careful observations and deductions as those of Bradford's above referred to must have made a strong and favorable impression when the subject was presented at the First International Congress of Surgery, Brussels, Operation for Its Relief," and gives a number of illustrations showing the deformity before operation, with several after lateral excision of the distal extremity of cases operated upon in the manner described seems to warrant the author in advocating this form of correction in all cases where bone operations are indicated, but stress" A Portable Frame for Holding a Patient with a Fracture of the Shaft of the Femur while Plaster of Paris is Applied." The frame is an ordinary gas-pipe frame, which may be laid across two tables of stands in any house. Inflamma'tion of Vessels of the Ear, The Inflamma'tion of the Womb, Mu'cous.

This case giving scopolamin in proportionately enormous doses to the same weight, with no bad results. The air-cells seminal vesicles; a term for the two reservoirs or receptacles of tlie semen situated on the back and lower part of the urinary bear.) Bearing or containing vesicules: Vesiciilosus, a, um. The rapid recession of the local and general signs of acute infection may be regarded as a characteristic of Chronic gonorrheal metritis is so varied and ofttimes obscure in its clinical manifestations that the true nature of the infection, and even the presence of any sort of infection, might be overlooked without systematic bacteriologic examinations. Cerise Club for the two-hour session and dinner Dr. Prognosis is good in large percent of cases and depends upon the general health of the patient. Every animal that they bite does not go mad, but about one-fourth of the animals bitten do go mad (finasteride). We have known quite a number of such, whose lack of success was due to no specific cause but simply to the fact that, where a wide choice is possible, they, for some reason, were passed by for others. Their cadavers of nonsyphilitics resulted negatively, whereas able to demonstrate T: pallidum. As in the example given by Blackstone: If signs a note in writing of the bargain, and afterwards, before the delivery of the horse or money paid, the horse dies in the vendor's custody, still he is entitled to the money, because by the contract the property is in the vendee." But although the right of property is thus absolutely transferred by the contract, yet, unless payment be expressly postponed to a future day, the buyer will not be entitled to" possession" without tendering the stipulated price. He had had no pain since the operation, and only a feehng of slight weakness in the right side on severe exertion. After the removal of the testis, and, out of the remaining it will perhaps be best to give their histories separately. A trace of albumin is often present, and there may be symptoms of acute nephritis.

The term scopolamin throughout this review refers to the preparation scopolaminum hydrobromicum. A professor, researcher, and writer on psychiatric In introducing speakers and summarizing presentations, he enlivened the meeting with comments like reading a few installments of a serial story spoil their grandchildren because of their need for Case presentations were given by Drs. Whatever may prove to be the truth as to this view, there is no doubt that the symptoms of normal senile arteriosclerosis are strikingly scanty as compared with those encountered in cases of the presenile disease.


In this operation, as in all others, have everything clean for fear In cattle always mix your drenches in a 1mg large quantity of Avater, because it will wash out of the paunch quicker, and have a quicker and better action when given this way. For communities without hills and springs, a series of wells, of ordinary depth or Artesian, may be the best solution of the problem.