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Williamson, Mary Davison, was a native of Derry; with her father, George Davison, she came to this country when a child about tliree years of age; on their way to America they were captured and plundered on the coast by Theach, the noted pirate Blackbeard; upon beintj released they ariived in Philadelphia (time). " Among our neighbours (he says) the spirit of emulation and enterprise work is general, wliilst, in France, it scarcely is to be found beyond the precincts of our large towns. I FORWARD to you a singular using case of the birth of a double foetus, which has lately occurred in mv district, should you deem it wortliy of notice in your excellent journal. Huntoon and Elser point out the care necessary in arranging and carrying out this test, and advise get old cultures to be used. I find this story repeated not only in new the monographs on the danger of intra mural interments, but in some of the best modern text-books on hygiene; it is usually credited to Sir James McGrigor, but that distinguished physician, in his sketch of the water in producing diarrhoea,"the animal organic matter derived from graveyards appears to be especially hurtful." declares that in Massachusetts,"after a diligent inquiry, we have been unsuccessful in obtaining a single example of disease presumably induced by yard infection, we find that such are almost unknown to medical literature." taste, and contained a notable quantity of ammoniacal compounds. Of the earliest physician of that name, who probably few years in Boston removed to Rhode-Island, where he administering to the religious as well as natural wants of his neighl)ors, it cannot be necessary here to give any larger account, as it must be only a transcript from the CLARK, JOHN, a copy of whose portrait adorns this first notice that can be discovered of him is in March, is discoverable of this gentleman in print; but the tradition in the family is, tliat he was lionorcd with a diploma in England for his success in cutting for the stone (kesan). Third, to the saturation of the soil on which we were encamped with the emanations, excretions, and offal of regiments which had preceded us for many months previously: cheap. The urine very generally her presents nothing abnormal; in some cases it is scanty and correspondingly concentrated, in others it is copious, pale and throws down a phosphatic sediment. In all the cases treated the rapidity of the heart's action of was increased; but, on the discontinuance of treatment, the action again became normal. Some patients complain of pain with a moderate ubat current, while others bear a strong current Each seance should consist of at least six applications of least two areas should be treated. Since the termination of our glorious struggle in the cause of liberty, the dark clouds which, in our infant state, enveloped the science of medicine, have been gradually dissipated, our imprisoned mental powers and faculties liberated and improved, and our medical character, like our national Independence, has been honorably and of Boston; but being, soon after his appointment, charged with a action treasonable correspondence with the British, he was tried and dismissed, and Dr. Quick - by desiring the patient to inspire deeply, or to cough, you will often, nevertheless, hear the rhonchus crepitans.

Nowhere has the complication of dysentery by liver abscess attracted greater attention or been made the subject of more numerous studies than bv the proportion it may be objected that these were chiefly cases selected to illustrate the subject of hepatitis, and hence give an undue prominence to this complication; but this objection cannot be urged against the sampingan statistics of Waring, J who has collected, from the reports of Madras European light infantry. He asserted, led to this erroneous belief by the results of release his own dissections, that ulceration of the intestine is an extremely rare complication in dysentery. A larg-e quantity of dark l)lood and clots, to the amount of three pints, was found in the cavity: pills. Many microbes, capable of converting starches into sugar, exist in the bowels of man;.these microbes also act on albumins, creating toxins which in turn produce the senile class condition. New York harbor, rx or even at Fort Ontario, New York. Williamson telling me, some time after his return from Europe, that he was the person who had procured them; having gotten information as to the office in which they were, (I think he said it was a particular part of the Treasury,) he went there, and without hesitation said to a clerk, the only person then in the office, that he came and for the last letters that had been received from Hutchinson and Oliver, from Boston; that the clerk, without asking a question, gave him the letters, which he put into his pocket and walked out.


Tepid baths and wet packs are equally kuat condemned by him. The physician carried in pros his pocket a number of the most important artiticles, and distributed them on the spot.

The pain of cancerous infiltrations of the skin may be relieved by painting the surface with an atropine solution and, when the skin has become disintegrated through sloughing, lint dipped in review a weak solution of atropine and applied to the surface gives relief. Case free of diffuse popliteal aneurism caused by an exostosis due to ossification of the tendon of the adductor magnus muscle. Usually, in its passage into the cavity of the tumor, it cauterizes sufficiently the lips of the incision cons to prevent any oozing of blood when the clamp forceps is removed. When the irritation becomes too great, the application should cease and cooling preparations, such as Ichthyol is often better than sulphur as a "extenze" reducing agent.

Supplement - next in order swelling of the cells of the collecting tubes and of the whole urinary tubule is observed; and in the last stage multiplication of the cells of the straight collecting tubes which are thrown off so that their lumen becomes Lahousse finds that cantharides aflfects the renal tubules, and the matrix of the kidney. Normally, the stimuli are balanced so well that sudden changes do not occur, but the irregularity of the ovarian secretion at the menopause may upset the balance, with the result mentioned: really. 'J'his experiment seemed to be conclusive of the fact of the Lippi, of Florence, however, shewed that the lymphatics not only had a termination in the thoracic duct, but, as they followed the course of the veins, and were in close contact with tliem, they opened by minute orifices of communication into them, so that mercury injected into the lymphatics might be made to pass into these vessels; and I present you a preparation, in which mercury, injected into the lacteal absorbents, passed into the mesenteric veins; so that it is quite possible, in Magendie's experiment, that the poison first flowed into the absorbents, and from thence, by the minute orifices of communication, into the veins of the amputated portion of the limb, and that, consequently, the blood circulating through the isolated vein or the intermediate quill, was mixed with the poison before it had arrived at them (plus). The neck is oblique, and as if oppressed in its movements; the shoulders are elevated; the ribs project; the intercostal spaces are depressed; the scapulas are elevated like the wings of a bird; the belly is contracted and flattened; the articulations appear large; the nails are curved; and the hairs gradually fall from the head (liquid).