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A pill should be "vs" a mass of medicinal matter spherical or ovoid in form, of such consistence as to maintain its shape and j'et be readily soluble or disintegrated in the fluids of the stomach. It has been recognized by the Royal Air Force, by the Italian Air Force, and although the French have not a separate Air Force they have a school of instruction for medical officers similar to our School of Aviation Medicine (vitex). Ordinary tap water is all that is required in making the solution either for vaginal irrigation or "fertilaid" for treating wounds. Lis savent se garder des doctrines extremes et ont pour devise:" Le mieux est instructions l'ennemi du bien." II etait impossible que la dosimetric obtint, de prime aborcl, droit de bourgeoisie en Angleterre. A small, well equipped, independent, hospital type unit, the Medical Detachment Dispensary, Aviation, was requisitioned for early use because of the need for a mobile (by road and air) and self-sufficient medical organization for second echelon pregnancy medical service, especially since no hospitals were attached to the Air Force and the location and control of hospitals would be solely the responsibility of the Ground Forces.

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