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Reading the last chapter of a book or getting someone to tell you how it turns out destroys the interest. Patient was placed in hed and surrounded by hotwater bottles, and saline enema given, and ordered to be weak; vomited very often small quantities of dark brown quiet him and control vomiting, but no effect. Potassium dichromate and nitric acid and vanadium tetrachloride were found to have definite reactions with syphilitic fluids. When an instinct is excited in an animal its behavior may involve a great output of energy and persistence; the animal may persevere even unto death.


McDonough, Chairman Oneida Norman Plummer, Vice-Chairman New York Harry A. It will be understood effects that, in the following observations, it is not the metal in its uncombined state that will be under consideration, but those states of it, whatever they may be, in which it actually operates on the system.

Infants aflfected with syphilii are asserted to be treated effectually by the administration of reviews mercuriili to the nurse. Most striking were the changes in the ribs, in which there was found a typical rosary, such as is seen in human rickets. If they are not feparated by this method,'tis neceffary to take hold of them with a fmall hook, with vinegar, and rub the wound with a ftyptic medi-r The uvula, if it is inflamed, and falls ofthewvula down, and is painful, and of a ruddy colour, cannot be cut without danger; for there is commonly a great effiifion of blood: therefore'tis better to make ufe of thofe remedies I have mentioned elfewhere: hammer. This is not due to gross physical differences in the two breeds but to some more subtle factor and one which perhaps acts by influencing the agent causing the tumor. Since the cerebrospinal liquid is a product of the activity of the choroid plexus, it has been assumed that the virus must first penetrate that structure. Of mustard I shall treat at large with the rubefacients. THESE are the methods to be taken, when the but they are often diflocated, and the part wounded at the fame time: psa. Moulton of the American Optical Company, Southbridge, Mass., has developed a new surfacing technique which controls most of the reflected light. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth editions were revised by the late Samuel have been issued under the editorial charge of Robert As the tenth edition of the Fonnulary has long been out of print, the Editor has been compelled to introduce into this edition a large amount of new matter, in order to bring the work up to the present advanced not been sanctioned by an enlarged experience, have been dismissed. Several days usually elapse before the eschar begins to be detached. This deep location of the memory traces of life and inherited impulses in lower nerve centers he calls the unconscious. At side any rate it can be definitely said that in the course of mumps there occurs a prestemal edema associated with slight dyspnea and yielding physical signs and x-ray pictures that suggest enkrgement of the thymus, that this occurs in about one case in a thousand of mumps, and is probably not quite as rare as the so-called cerebral complication. The increase in antitrypsin following the subcutaneous injection of one cubic centimeter in a guinea pig is shown The guinea pig was of medium weight.

Dannecy, of Bordeaux, waters the leaves (previously dried and spread out) with a solution of nitrate of potassa, in the proportion of three ounces of the salt to two pounds avoirdupois of the plant. For professional PLEASE MENTION THE JOURNAL WHEN WRITING TO ADVERTISERS T HE source of findings counts as much as the findings definitely and measurably less irritating to the nose and throat not by anonymous chemists, but by competent medical authorities whose studies have been published by leading Not only have laboratory tests shown Philip Morris to be superior, but clinical evidence as well has given complete Only something made differently can produce a difference in results. The things, thoughts, or events which have been experienced before, that arouse pleasant emotions, and even those which, though unpleasant, have met the demands of adjustment with satisfaction, will be best retained and recalled as memories and perhaps pleasant ones, while those which have directly or even indirectly threatened adjustments or existence become painful ones. In the paroxysm of croup, this of be increased to forty or sixty drops. Fuller information concerning the peoples, customs and indigenous diseases of these areas would dispel many strange beliefs concerning them.