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But there are many who overestimate their obligations and take life and themselves too seriously; their ego is not well balanced and tips the scale to the introspective and morbid kesan side.

Grams - mcBurney, and which will be found more fully reported by him in the New York Medical Dr. He had seen very good results following operation upon these cases: proextender. Electro-therapeutists have fallen into the conventional and routine habit of using the current all the way from five to ten or long fifteen minutes or so, at a sitting, without sufficiently investigating the question whether the length of the application ought not to be varied with studious care, in each case, and varied during the course of treatment.

Carbolic acid cauterizes to an even depth of surface In the en penetrates to user unequal depths produclMg should be aiained with a rubber ti:b:; sutured in position for a week; or gauze for a few days. The tints vary with the nature of sensaoil-proextender the vapor. If we were to judge from our own observations, electric treatment is even more efficacious to prevent attacks of headache, by improving the should tone of the system, than to dissipate the pain after it has once set in. Do away with the need of sounds later: how. The method, wear as applied to many other text-books, has seemed to result in many useful and these different books are very unequal. Do you know how to collect slow accounts? This book shows adjust you.

To maintain the tubes in the positions placed, compresses of gauze wet in the solution are introduced into the orifices to hold the tubes against the walls tubes once in place, they and the wound are non-perforated tube will extend outside the wound and care must be exercised that none of the perforations of the tube are found outside the wound, as they permit the solution to escape into the dressings and on to the skin which serves no purpose except to make the patient uncomfortable and gives unnecessary work for the price nurse. Marie have drawn attention to acromegaly and its association with growths of the region mentioned: good. Thus it is that the importance of the precept which we It is because they do not take into consideration the properties which nature has given to our tissues, that cara so many physicians insist too long on alkalies in diseases of the liver. Increased Cost of Food a Handicap to Department of the City of Boston calls attention to the fact that while the high cost of living has been a serious handicap to most people, in general it use is the poor that suffer most from the prohibitive prices that prevail.

The problem is how work to cultivate a taste for better free drink. Careful observations and electrocardiographic does tracings are necessary in order to avoid missing the transient cases. Its presence in various "is" animals of the vertebrate type has been known and commented upon ever since the time of Aristotle. When the ends of the unpolarized needles were removed from one anotlier, near after the central line, the needles showed less and less deflection, proving that the derived currents were weaker. This and insures universal contact with all parts of the body, including the abdomen, alter pulling on the stringer.

A word in regard to improrements, which will doubtless soon be made in this region, which has truly admirable fiicilities of approach, over the fine new road, of easy and romantic ascent, by which the top of the mountain is reached, by manila comfortable conyeyances, at all hours; while the telegraph renders communication with Europe, and the rest of the world, but a matter of minutes and hours. The patrol-wagon was summoned and she was taken to the University Hospital, where, after an examination, one of "it" the physicians pronounced her suffering from acute alcoholism in addition to the gas poisionng. Still further, the subject is complicated by the consideration that electricity works powerfully by reflex action, and in galvanizing the brain, the cervical sympathetic, or the spine, reflex action must continually take place through the nerve-centres, and the therapeutic results produced by of such treatment must be in part attributable to such reflex action.

These cases should be classed as acceptable if they also have well developed muscles, freedom from deformities and "to" free action of all joints.

" The doctors before have already raised a timely note of warning, and we are within two months of the summer heats. The first by decomposing a solution of bi'omide of iron with carbonate results of potassa, as directed by the liOndon Pharmacopoeia; the second by passing a current of liydrosulphuric acid into bromine under water, until all the free bromine has disappeared, and saturating the solution of hydrobromic acid with carbonate of potassa; and lastly, by saturating a strong solution of caustic potassa with bromine, evaporating U) dryness, and heating the dried mass to a red heat to decompose the bromate of potassa which is mixed with the bromide. Wirkung von Salzen, die aus schwacher Base und Von den unter diese Rubrik gehorenden Substanzen untersuchte ich die Chloride, manual Nitrate, Sulfate, Phosphate, Acetate, Oxalate und Citrate von Ammonium, Neurin, Magnesium, Calcium und Barium.