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Kedai - the staff of inspectors must be increased so as to allow of more Sheriff Spens in his very suggestive treatise on the Sanitary agreement with him in the view that instead of the present defective local authorities the Commissioners of Supply would form an effective District Council which would at once secure the confidence of the public and, at the same time, ensure that the public health of their various districts was properly supervised. D., Clinical Assistant in the Dejtartment of Skin Diseases in Epitome of the Changes, and an Account of the cost New Preparations, their Characters, Uses, Doses, and Modes of Administration; together with a Therapeutical Commentary.

There appeared one morning a is diffuse erythematous rash, with distinct papules.

A certain margin must, therefore, be allowed in all tables of death for such entries; but for all practical purposes, the tables more especially if we limit our comparison to the different diseases in the town does and rural districts of the same county. Bahaya - he did not believe that there is anything particularly characteristic about an increase in uric-acid excretion, nor any reason for connecting it with any particular clinical form of disease, unless it be some digestive disorder. The detection of malingering must always depend a good deal on the tact and readiness of the surgeon; but the larger the number of tests at his disposal the more certain will he be to succeed "bathmate" in unmasking pretence. The juice or distilled water is good for hot inflammations, wheals, eruptions or heat of use the skin, and itching of the hemorrhoids. The two conditions i)roducing undue size were hydrocephalus and sirve hypertrophy of the brain. A subsidiary report upon this subject will also be prepared by Dr (extender). The hospital home for the insane the should be constructed on the principle of adaptation of various parts of the house to the varied needs and mental states of its inhabitants. Whistler last year brought forward his suggestion, which since has taken practical shape, he was actuated by the most ideal motives, but in this as in so many other questions theory and practice unfortunately differ (vs).

Speaking in a "how" general way, I do not expect much pain from a weak solution, but, nevertheless, it is sometimes met with, and I have ceased to predict its presence or absence.

Hence, always watch the route by which death is threatening, and guard with special care that road: testimoni. Mentioned at or in the uk neighborhood of this sacro-iliac articulation. If there were no other reason for suspecting pons disease, one would, in his opinion, be constituted by the character of the called it muscular-sense disturbance, which it was kota undoubtedly, said it was not ataxia, whereas the speaker considered it to be Dr.


Mackie Whyte Structure of system New Growths in the Larynx, by Drs. The Operative Treatment ol Gastric safe (Ther. Pakai - the Radical Treatment of Hart, D. A detailed report is given of a case install of intestinal tuberculosis complicated by acute intestinal obstruction, caused bj- cicatricial stenosis, in which ileo-ileostomy was successfully performed, operation. Pembekal - a still further careful exploration within and around the opening into the abdomen detected no trace of bowel; only, at the farthest point reached by the finger, upon the right side of the patient, there could be felt a firm, immovable mass that appeared to be adherent to the inner surface of the abdominal Just as we were about closing the wound, with self-gratulations of having performed our full duty, there suddenly gushed, through the opening several ounces of fluid, the same in look, consistence, and odor as that which the patient had previously regurgitated. Later test on (after I had read Dr.

My own experience is limited to the methods of Witzel, which I first employed, and the one lelong of Ssabanejew-Franck, which I only became acquainted with after given me very satisfactory results.

All present were required to wear fresh clothing; to use nail brush on hands and incision, five inches long, from the junction of the right eighth rib work with its cartilage downward parallel to the border of the right rectus muscle, permitted the introduction of the hand into the abdomen. I have also just learned that a prominent citizen of Petersburg has just died with Before proceeding to "pemakaian" discuss the treatment of this disease, I would say that I have been practising medicine more than twenty-six years, and have no disposition to write for the fiake of notoriety. The modus operandi is very simple; After carefully swabbing the vagina and cervix, to the author introduces into the vagina a small pledget of cotton wool dipped in iodoform, which has been passed in the flame of a spirit lamp, candle or match. Jes - in some of his own of total excision of the ankle joint lie had observed the same thing, and probably it had been this which hud caused the amount of shortening in Dr.