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The power of this extensor to resist flexion of the toes was impaired, and the pain in the leg was correspondingly increased in its distribution. All wastes and refuse had to be review hauled by sled to the refuse dump area. The nervous system is just as much the ruling power in the development of the fetus as it is the government of the functions of an adult individual. Senator, in' Ziemssen's Handbuch,' states that the temperature of the body is slightly lowered, possibly from the large quantity of water that is swallowed having a cooling effect. Cases of slow chronic poisoning, as in long stagnation of urine, are, he thinks, capable of being so explained. It is eminently desirable that other clinics should publish their figures for purposes of comparison. He was led to this conception of automatism by the discovery of the periodic grouping of the movements of the frog's heart, for it could not be doubted that when extrinsic conditions remained unchanged, the cause of the alternate groups of pulsations and pauses was intrinsic. Of or belonging to Plerosis: plero'tic. Having few stars, as tlie Barisulcatus, a, um. These permanently swelled gums, however, do not usually cause the patient any really serious annoyance.


Their word for carriage was' ni-si-boo-a;' and when a carriage was heard in the street, they would shout this word, and run to the window to see it. It should be handled tactically, so to speak, and with foresight for the day. The pains are sometimes very variable as to locality, and then usually visit before; sometimes, however, they are more fixed in their nature and are then localized preferably in the muscles of the small of the back and calves of the legs, which come specially into play in walking.

The symptoms of scurvy were perhaps more closely simulated in which the gums became swollen, the teeth fell out, and a sort of paralytic weakness attacked the lower extremities. Y., was constructed under the supervision of Guthrie and Rockwood, engineers, of Buffalo, N. However, it should be pointed out that not only do these funds apply to the entire student body, a sizable group, but japan definite information from the Student Loan Committee indicates that conservatively, in less than three years at the present rate of student borrowing, the Committee will be dependent upon collections as the only source of funds. Garrod says that he has given the former of these medicines extensively, especially for the asthenic gout of old subjects; a patient may go on taking it for a whole year at a time.