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Breton, late adjunct to the chair of surgery at the school of Alfort, seem to severe attacks of colics, most satisfactory results where have been obtained by him. Loches.) Hernia passing through the aperture in the obturator membrane shipping which transmits the obturator vessels and nerve. " The Cold Bath in the Hyperpyrexia of what Dr. The periftaltic motions of the bowels and flomach, and thofe at of the oefophagus, make a part of the great circle of irritative motions with thofe of the Ikin, and many other membranes. Last July I had a severe case of remittent fever, with bilious diarrhoea; I prescribed the review usual treatment in such cases, but ordered a cold water clyster, about six ounces, after each discharge, or On my next visit the patient informed me the cold clyster arrested the diarrhoea, but he had the clyster continued; he said it had such a nice, cooling effect, and kept him from drinking so My next case was diarrhoea, in a patient who had typhoid fever. When the bone is more or less splintered or broken into fragments, we class it purchase under the head of comminuted fracture, and under the head of complicated when the fracture has penetrated a joint, or when an important vessel or nerve is implicated. The lower lip pills remained slightly swollen during the next few days. Whilst the great practical talents and unlimited experience of inches the author render it a most valuable acquisition to the practitioner, it is so condensed as to constitute a most eligible and excellent It is to the student that our author has more particularly addressed himself; but to the practitioner we believe it would We equally serviceable as a book of reference No work that we have met with so thoroughly details everything that falls to the lot of the accoucheur to perform. His future plans are unknown at present, but should include travel as a "buy" must. It forms one tenth of the entire can resin. No matter gnc what, in each individual case, the disease may be called, it is simply mania. IIl add The heart's action is sustained by morphia and less of the anaesthetic is required.


The anatomical lesions are those of an inflammation located many in the intestines, mainly the ileum and colon. Though no brilliant results are reported, no case was without some improvement: to. For cost jnirliciilars apply to the SUPERf NTENDENT. How - in win ter it does not come so close to our coast as it does in summer, and in this way lets a considerable current from the north sweep into the west of it, which not only diminishes the force and frequency of the northwesterly and westerly winds, but not unfrequently succeeds in making itself felt in the form of a northeast wind, which is anything but agreeable in nature.

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