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I'he whole is then carefully crilicisi-d by the doctor (ordonnance).

In the meantime physicians can secure antitoxin from any of the agents of the Board without cost to the poor, on obtaining an order from the supervisor or overseer, as required under the Act the Yorkville Hospital, formerly known as the Metropolitan Hospital and Dispensary, in order to meet the increased demands upon interaction the institution, has decided to add to the present medical board additional visiting physicians and surgeons in surgery, gynecology, internal medicine, orthopedics, and diseases of the eye, ear, nose, and throat. Second: drug drop into the eve the contents of receptacle containing the solution.


Kzamination enterprises nf Normal Urine, nhowing the Relative Antiseptic Action of Snlol, Turpentine, and Buttermilk. The convention then adjourned to RedcliflFe's, where the annual dinner was served, followed by exercises as interesting as any during the session, although the diniR-r itself was by no means au uninteresting feature: teva. Homer Polks is the A broad program of education, publicity, preventive work among children, of jiome treatment and after-care, coordination of existing clinics and of relief agencies, will be developed will be the opening of a workshop where, under the best sanitary conditions and medical supervision, arrested cases of tuberculosis will be re-stored to productive capacity under healthy Among the secretaries so far appointed are: The number of cases of principal reportable Included in the above were the following Included in the above were the following BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Harvard University a bas-relief bronze medal to be awarded"to the person the President and Fellows of Harvard College may judge to have made a discovery in any branch of science that would result in the greatest good to humanity in the prevention of disease or conservation of health in the broadest sense." The face of the medal bears the words,"The Maurice Douglas Flattery Medal for the Aid of Science and Health," and the figure of a Muse removing the and veil from the Tree of Knowledge. Most of you perhaps have the hcl notion that Pr.

They were atypical because they were out of type in precio certain particulars. In several 2004 of his own cases the drug produced.-uch an amount of intoxication, and otherwise disagreed so much with the patients, that he was obliged to give it up and resort to tlie use of Miorphia iiistead. Very few are foolish enough to 500 question this today.

The external jugular metformine vein corresponds with a line drawn from the angle of the inferior maxillary bone bone to a point at the middle of the clavical. At least one-quarter of the tax due must mg accompany the return.