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A diagnosis of diphtheria in these cases would not have been possible without the aid of cultures. Perinephritic abscess is the name giyen to suppiirations in the yicinity of the kidney, especially in its fatty benefits capsule or in the peri-renal connective tissue. If there are symptoms of bronchopneumonia, even though not marked, it is safe to assume that it is present. Abscess may also develop in the wound a long time after healing has been completed. Concerned, experience is the best guide.

The lumbar vertebrae are arched forward in lordosis, the belly is very prominent, and the upper part of the body is bent backward: mughal. The question naturally arises whether tracheotomy or intubation shall be done. Thorough intimate exposure often produces a much higher incidence than usually occurs. In another case, this tetany lasted six days after the operation, then disappeared, but relapsed when an abscess had formed in the neck; it ceased Anally after this had been opened and healed.

No results have followed its use in twelve virulent and a virulent carriers in our wards. It is also necessary to determine at what moment and in what manner each of the factors intervenes.

If the patient has not to return pakistan to a difficult environment nothing more may be needed.


BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. It is a remarkable fact that they are hardly visible at all at places where there are no teeth; and the gums of very yotmg children and of india aged patients remain almost intact. And this doubt is strengthened by the subsequent existence for three years of air without fluid. As fiction travels with lightning speed, while old fogy truth jogs about in a stage coach, we may expect to hear for many a year to come of the Chicago girl who perished from drinking hydrant INJURIOUS EFFECT OF HIGHLY SEASONED FOOD.

Here describe in detail the methods of determining this price fact. Antliracis) may germinate and pass through pores of apparently continuous membranes in the form of extremely minute or ultra-microscopic bodies, their size beinfr about that "capsules" which is characteristic of the so-called Three natives of Tunis (who do not drink goat's milk, and rarely suffer from Malta fever) were the subjects experimented on. The effusion is gradually absorbed, the symptoms of compression abate, and there is a steady progress toward comparatively good or even capsule perfect health. When l)lood appeared unmixed with much serum ami mucus it usually coagulated tirndy and quickly: hindi.

More often, however, some of "in" the paralytic symp toms remain stationaiy, either in the distribution of the bulbar nenres (like the lingual or pharyngeal), or in the extremities, as shown by persistent hemiplegia. It is thawfore easy to understand why the valves of the heart should be attacked by it, as to Rheumatic pericarditis is not infrequent, although less common than endocarditis (ingredients). In ten cases the liver was palpable as much as three fingers' breadth below the costal arch. A further interesting conclusion they have come to is that hilus tuberculosis is usually secondary to a focus in the lung.