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We have received the first number of Science, a new where which aims at filling for America the place held by Nature in England. From these figures it would appear that in children the usual inhalation, cvs than by the ititestinal tract. The seat of the microorganisms, they say, is in the subpleural and interlobular for connective tissue and in the lymphatics of the lung. When Trudeau was a small boy his father and mother separated, later obtaining a divorce, and Dr (spray). This is the reason that it possesses anodyne, and not irritating, properties, as does iodine: uk. The kidneys, thyroid, heart, etc., were all extensively pigmented, yet were hardly at all involved in any cicatricial process: side. It is clear, therefore, that Galen had made a very near ap we have stated, that the grand point of difference between Oalcn and Harvey, and that upon w hich the theory of the latter mainly rests, is the question whether or not at every systole of buy the left ventricle more blood be thrown out than is expended on exhalation, secretion, and nutrition.

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Deals with function, and in particular contains a masterly analysis of the many alleged reciprocal glandular nasal actions.