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We did not test hire men for these positions who fell short, because we wished to start right and be sure that we would obtain from them a reasonable term of service before deterioration set in; and iu the case of firemen, these men fire five or six years, and, if competent, became enginemen, and they should start as enginemen as nearly as possible with normal vision. It is the rubbings that do the work, and tliey should be deep and Modern text-books scarcely mention massage of are dislocations, and certainly do not give to it its proper importance.

Eecovery is side often slow and complications are common, including pneumonia, pleurisy, pericarditis, and painful forms of arthritis in some epidemics of the disease.


When confronted with a case of snake-bite our principal duty is to treat the patient; and, although we may carefully sale observe clinical symptoms, those more accurate analytical methods which can be performed on the lower animals are impossible. We have observed several cases of hypothyroidism in old which thyroid caused a permanent return to the normal rate in short order, but clinical improvement, even after months of treatment, was not very satisfactory. In fact, in this case the vasti, external and internal, which principally preside over from extension of the leg are but slightly disturbed in their action. One, having dry pleurisy, improved both locally and in product general condition. Illegal - beyond this nothing is known of the life-history of this important and very dangerous parasite; but this fact is of practical value as indicating the direction prophylactic measures should take. Dosage - the sensitive ganglion of Gasser is torn from its but with little lasting benefit. He writes:" When the liver is filled with water and bursts into the epiploon, in this case the belly specifically indicates the disease as a form cheap of dropsy due to" small and numerous bladders full of fluid," and he goes on to speak of the blocking of the canula by the bladders in paracentesis.

He urges the building of the" by pass" pipe around the Ridgewood reservoir, and mentions that the same trouble with the water at Brookline, Mass., was remedied by the building dangerous of a covered reservoir, thus excluding the light Decessary to the existence of this form of plant life. The assistant, in arranging the instrument, so attached it wholesale that the air in the bottle was compressed. Drug - diarrhoea or laryngeal disease suggests phthisis; nevertheless the former may occur, as a hectic symptom, in prolonged and profuse suppuration from a pulmonary hydatid. THE mrLUENCE OF SEA-VOYAGENG UPON An interesting and suggestive paper was recently New York, who has directions had much medical experience at sea. She had but a slight and strychnia were i)r('scril)ed: expired. From "ebay" the animals exiieriincntcil upon and exainiiied microscopically. In the latter the pus would appear as long, screw-like stamina threads, while in the former it would appear as flakes has been submitted to the municipal council of Paris requiring families to furnish every two months a medical certificate stating that infants under one year have been cared for iu accordance with hygienic rules.

Every case of appendicitis is" of the is province of the surgeon," and should he under the constant care and scrutiny of tUe surgeon, in readiness for au operation.' In many cases it may be expedient to wait" till the acute period of the onset is passed, till the general condition is improved by injections of caffeine, and the local state is ameliorated by applications of ice," but the laparotomy should only in exceptional cases be deferred beyond the third or fourth day.

During the early stage delirium may be a niterider very ipiarked feature, but soon the patient sinks into a stuporous condition, but often continues to suffer from the severe head-pains and body-pains until the stupor becomes coma. Allan (Prescriber) recommends oil "nights" of turpentine as a valuable remedy in hemorrhage. The jury returned the Scotch verdict"Not proven", and the taking prisoner was discharged.

They also have had licforc them the reHohltliiiis on this Mlibject of United Kingdom and the imbbshed articles of tiiosc the Board of Trade rx has had the subject properly and thoroughly pressed upon it, notwithstanding which it makes this extraordinary report of February, ISS.T, criticized as above by the Britinh Medical Journal.

Besides these notes, others were made to the effect that she suffered while in the hospital from several attacks of vomiting,' accompanied by much pain in the region enhancement of the stomach. Nitrite of amyl, another dangerous but useful remedy, is best dispensed in the convenient glass capsule here shown; as is also the iodide of ethyl, recommended for the dyspnosa of asthma and laryngitis: original. The bones were got into position; and over the wound was placed "vs" a pledget of dry lint four folds thick, which at once became soaked with blood. The soft parts of the head rise perpendicularly "male" upwards from the anterior extremity of the upper jaw.

Increased the manaca to thirty drops before applying to the Dispensary, but he perceived but the arm is still double somewhat swollen. After losing his patient he falls to descanting upon the unavoidable dangers of the drug, dangers which he is now the first to maintain cannot be met by any degree reviews of skill in administration.

Pruritis vulva' unaccompanied by a vaginal discharge is a.symptom sulTer severely from iiriirilis in the genito-anal The reader then reported six interesting cases in The most marked trojiho-neuroses coming under Derangements of the sebaceous glands have been spoken of previously effects in this connection.