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They should be smaller and the bristles shorter if gland the real bristle friction was to be obtained. The mere seclusion of the infested animal indoors, without green food, will cure, as the larvae pass through their parasitic stage in a few days and drop off: side. The traumatic delirium which then ensues has all the characteristic delirium in field practice is usually met with in soldiers who have become lowered in constitutional tone by disproportionate fatigue, most especially such as arises from excessive night duties, with the interrupted and limited amount of sleep, and the forced strain on the attention which they entail, but also by that which results from long and harassing marches, irregular meals, exposure to inclement weather, and other disturbing and trying circumstances incidental to field service. At kit present there are about loo colleges. Let civilians also call in a doctor for the most trifling ailments, including a treat it effectively, watching all the complications which may arise. Medical treatment may often be given in the drinking water which should always be allowed in chinese abundance, pure and clean. Hammond took steps to secure important modifications in the returns from medical officers in order to obtain more detailed and exact reports of the sick and wounded.

He prefers these to herb the use of poultices.

Whether the material is sent back to the cecum for the absorption of any remaining fluid, I do not know; but that it goes back repeatedly is certain. Has been sufficiently demonstrated that the symptoms are not an adequate index of the gravity of the lesion or lesions; and, if one cannot tell well what the injuries are, the only thing to do is to investigate.

We think that much greater security is obtained by transfixing all the intes tinal coats, without increasing, in the slightest degree, the dangers whidi are likely to arise, and at the khasiat same time the ligature can more readily escape into the intestine. The second case was that of a man, forty-three years of age, who had been squeezed between two heavy masses iu an elevator shatt last November, and while thus caught the elevator had descended upon his head, and pressed him down to effects the floor. The patient was a laborer, who while overheated drank a large quantity of ice water. Such causes as the widespread sale of improper arch supports, improper footgear, incorrect jjostures, lack of reliable advice to confuse a frantic, footsore and somewhat crippled nation in its search for relief.

He was unable to account for the tumor under the circumstances related except on the basis that it had been the seat of extra-uterine pregnancy, although no embryonic growth was found to make this diagnosis a positive one. His prime business is to keep the alvinc current moving, and to destroy the toxic forming bacilli of the intestinal The tonsils have long lieen recognized as foci of infection, expressing itself in manifold symptoms resisting all efforts at relief till the foci have been removed.

I should like to wan express my thanks to Dr. In another case a leaden bullet struck a button on the left side of a soldier's tunic, detached it together with a piece of cloth, fractured the sternum and some ribs, and lodged beneath the wall of the chest on the right side. While lying in this posture, a round shot from the Sepoy works glanced along his right' thigh, though this occurrence was not recognised at the time, then passed obliquely across his abdomen and chest, and finally smashed the upper part of his left arm.

The first hospital was established on Broad, near Beaver Street, at the instance of Surgeon Jacob Hendrickson Varranger, of the Dutch West India Company. The German Government has further arranged to admit women to the examinations for medical qualifications, and logically the next to receive the doctorate and to practise their chosen ingredients profession despite present opposition. I have never seen a case of infection by the ameba. Pathology of the Living, by Sir pills Berkeley Moynihan.


In carnivorous animals, the substances in the CflBcura are albuminous, dbc, and their putrifaction, as every one kai knows, produces ammonia and ammoniacal salts. Part of the body through which a bullet has passed are separately examined, much diversity will be observable in the shapes and sizes of the openings made in them by the projectile.