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In a case of sunstroke in a horse reported by Bartke, signs of restlessness, pawing, extreme 20 redness of the mucous membranes of the head, violent mania and attempts to vomit were manifested; death occurring in three hours. The organic products include mucin, albumin, nuclein, cost fat, fatty acids, cholesterin, stearin, tyrosin, lecithin extractives, and, it may be, urea. The fluid may be frothy, or there may half be little air left except in the bronchi, and the lung, before the fluid is removed, generally sinks in water.

Their severity varies considerably in different attacks; sometimes they are relieved by rest in bed for a day, at other times life they last longer, and are followed by symptoms of uraemia, such as dimness of sight, severe and persistent headache, and lethargy, with or without During the time these symptoms are present the quantity of urine is greatly diminished. The dulnem is extremely movable, shifting the with change of posture. Particles oft;en enter the larynx and give rise to paroxysms of coughing, and at buy times cause choking.

A point of importance to be kept in view is the time which elapses between the infliction of the date violence and death, the lapse of any considerable interval rendering death from other causes more The condition of the heart should always be carefully examined in such cases, since sudden death is very common in diseased states of the organ, more especially when fatty degeneration of the muscle is present. Probably some of the general text books of medicine contain as many details respecting pathology and symptomatology, but we know of no single book in the English language, of exactly the same scope, which will serve so well as an introduction to the clinical study of nervous diseases (is).

But, as the patient wished the appendix removed, and Professor what Bryant considered the step desirable, an operation was performed. Heart - if pancreatic fluid be obtained from the supposed cysts, it will digest albumins and emulsify fats. By such abuse the symptoms will mg be masked and both patient and practitioner deceived. Lesions of the chiasm usually affect the decussating fibers, causing blindness of the nasal of halves of the retina, and, in consequence, temporal hemianopsia. Gower's case and my case: the pleurisy was diagnosed as diaphragmatic in its cheap origin; and I am not sure that Profes.sor Gairdner's case might not be claimed as probably having had a similar origin, for it is stated in the record of the case that the patient" lay on her back well supported with pillows, as the pain was worse when she attempted to lie on her left side;" this is an unusual observation in ordinary pleurisy: may it be that the additional rigidity of lying on the affected side threw more work upon the diaphragm of the same side, and that the increased pain was an evidence of the inflammatory action While avoiding theoiy, knowledge is not infrequently advanced by a consideration of such facts as we possess up to a given point; for the definition and appreciation of the known often fits us for the successful consideration of the unknown. Passing into the small intestine, the active scolex everts its head from its caudal sac, which generic atrophies and disappears, and the parasite attaches itself to the mucous membrane, and rapidly develops and grows into the conspicuous and familiar form of the adult tape-worm. JNEental anxiety or overwork in summer increases this nerve-exhaustion and renders the termini of nerves and the centres very susceptible to peculiar septic material generated in the fermentation and decomposition of food: failure.

This snail is to be met with especially in the meadows and brushwoods, in the neighbourhood of rivers and brooks, in the vineyards and price in the argillo-calcareous cultivated lands, when a thick crop has preserved in a high degree the natural freshness of soils of this kind.


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