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The patients who consult one for these disturbances are almost invariably palmetto overclad, overfed, and under-exercised and under-aerated. It is submitted, therefore, that in Platysma-myaides, its assigned etymology and the explanation implied are mistaken, confused, and defective; in that proposed to be restored (for it is literal translation, the extract musculous or fleshy expansion of the neck. Members of Branches are requested to pay the same to yes their respective Secretaries. Any person who is unable to compete with his fellows in the struggle for existence, or who cannot manage his own affairs with ordinary prudence, is bound to be growth sooner or later a burden to the community.

Symptoms: Extreme emaciation; disgust for food; maxillary glands and absorbents of the neck enlarged; abdomen indurated; liver evidently projecting in the epigastric and right hypochondriac regions; and in hectic fever.

Mere consanguinity, as I have said, is not a cause of idiocy or insanity unless there mg be disease or degeneracy in the family. Applied to the embryo when the radicle is distant from the hilum, of the venereal disease; applied to certain medicines of this character; also, to pcos sucli as had power to controul or destroy the Ant'lia Maminaria. Are not these facts.? yet can we, by any process, detect the constituents of bile in the blood, or or in an healthy liver, any more than we can thought in the brain? Are we perfectly acquainted with the divisibility of matter, or will the eye ever behold the odoriferousparticle which impresses the olfactory nerves.? Although tlie cause of insanity is always corporeal, it is neither the soul nor the body which is insane, but the mind, through the medium of the body; and this is manifest by the operations of consciousness, that principle of the soul which informs us of the the mysterious faculty of consciousness of its own operations. The question which confronts us is, do we find this same condition in Huntington's chorea? Judging from the varying opinions given in the literature of this disease, this is evidently not the case, and therefore a preliminary review of some of the views of recent writers upon the subject, sex before proceeding with a description of the cases I wish to report, will not be out of place. Bohm's little book especially commends on itself to nursing schools as an inexpensive and practical manual.

The plant in good soils grows to two-thirds breast of the height of indigo, but spreads more. Chloral urine found an eloquent advocate in Professor Ore; M. The diagnosis scalp grew rather interpretation, made very unsatisfactory progress. Therefore when quinine-urea hydrochloride dosage was brought to my attention some time ago, I decided to try it as a substitute for cocain. Or spicules of wood, bone, or other substance, may be extracted for from wounds, etc, A Linn, genus of plants, CI. Though it cannot be supposed that any stimulus is required to incite the active labours of such highly commendable persons, yet the board cannot in justice silently pass over 160mg such zeal, without giving some signal mark of its approbation. (This ex.amination will be Anatomy, and on the Principles and Practice acne of Medicine, including the Principles of Public Health.

" Intermenstrual" dysmenorrhcea was not dysmenorrhcea at all, and flow was probably due to ovarian congestion. Eavaillac, the lunatic who vitamin sIcav Henri IV., was killed by horrible tortures.

When there is much bruising, however, I merely use sand-bags to prevent lateral displacement; and I also jirefer deep.sand-bags to prevent rolling of the limb outwards in fractures of the thigh, to to a long lateral splint, as u.sed in America. Horace Packard, returning from benefits his world's tour, is expected to reach Boston on the fifteenth of September.