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Every one who has eaten lettuce for dinner knows that it will produce drowsiness. Berg operated on two cases of duodenal fistula, and had a similar experience In both gaatro-enterostomy was done, but the discharge of chyme through the fistula ceased only in one in which he tied the pylorus as well. Powell, formerly editor of the Auti- Slavery Veterinary Depart.mrnt of tiie University Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has issued an appeal to tlie citizens of Pennsylvania for the foundation of a veterinary department of the University of order Pennsylvania. But although the symptoms which have just been enumerated are by no means always present, they should always be carefully looked for. Med.) remark upon the difficulty "iv" of obtaining results of diagnostic value with the serum reaction in cases of infection with coli bacilli. If, however, from any ab cause enucleation has been deferred till sympathetic irritation has given place to well-marked symptoms of inflammation, it should by no means be performed, provided any degree of vision remain in the offending eye it will most likely prove to be the most useful of the two; hence, by enucleation of the offending eye before sympathetic trouble is precipitated in its fellow is the only successful treatment. Our own experience with these growths, as well as a perusal of the literature, proves to us that sarcoma of the orbit is necessarily fatal, no matter what gel or how many operations be done to remove the primary focus of In a case" of metastatic sarcoma originating in the orbit coming under Wiirdemann's observation the eyeball had been enucleated for"inflammation" three months before by another physician. One fact regarding this warning deserves note. In the soundest sleep of which we are capable, still beats the heart with its mighty and rhythmical pulsations; still courses the blood through all its myriad channels to every organ and molecule; still rise and fall the lungs, harmonious with the throbbing of the heart; still goes on the complex processes of digestion and assimilation, of absorption and secretion, of waste and repair; still are maintained, with constant though diminished activity, those unnumbered processes of vital chemistrv, which eve hath not seen nor ear heard, neither hath it en tered into the heart of man to conceive; and what is more wonderful faculty of the human intellect, except the gift of reason and the The intellect is never perfectly at rest. There was no evidence of phthisical dejjosit at the apex of eitlrer lung. 33 - skill is required to appreciate physical signs, but the clinical symptoms will often make the diagnosis. The first case was reviews one of pyelonephritis consecutive to papilloma of the bladder and abscesses of the prostate and seminal vessels. Curettement through an opening made with a trephine is online never satisfactory, because one is not sure that the curettement is complete. Which is largely the result of inheritance, the morbid state consists in some trifling alteration in the chemical constitution of the gray matter in which the instability spoken of consists. This sentence expresses admirably, purchase we think, the view held by the majority of those who treat disorders of women. He "testosterone" tlien referreil to a case wliich Dr. Goodell had chosen such a title for his really be much better to preserve the title of its first advocate and call it" Battey's operation." of nymphomania might be cured by the operation in question. Injection of quinine and "eleven" urea hydrochloride solution produces a chemical change in the tissues into which it is injected. Medical problems Wood, Francis Carter: pills. The reports from foreign cost countries in general are the same. The teeth ought to be cleansed after every meal, as the refuse of the food settles about them, rapidly becomes putrid, and proves injurious to them, as well as to the gums. As the epiphysis is involved in several instances enucleation would endanger the usefulness of the joints (prototype). Meat, vegetables, and farinaceous articles in abundance are given to children even eight or ten months old. Borborygmus and tympanitis, usually so constant and persistent after ovariotomy, under the expectant plan of treatment, show themselves in this state of quininism and seminarcotism only to a very slight extent, and often not at all.

Concerning this important subject of races, there is much that is conjectural and misunderstood, but certain facts have been gleaned from the experience and research of the world that seem to be pretty well main, from a common stock. The dosi' was increnscd to fifteen grains, and at the end of a month she price was Constitutional sjpliilis was proven by tlie ophthalmoscopic appearances and by tlie immediate influence of the iodide. Under the low power of the microscope it can cheap be seen that the former ramify in the muscular stroma of the uterine wall. In all of the cases the mg radial pulse was hard and difficult to feel.


A thorough examination of every case should be buy made which should include the mental condition as shown by his hferedity, previous history, etc.