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In more obstinate cases, especially of children, the aid of a physician should be sought, who will check the bleeding by cauterizing with hot iron, nitrate of silver, or by employing serrefines, or by a After the bleeding is checked, a soft dry compress is placed on the leech-bites j if inflammation sets in, compresses of lead- water are used. Like't- predecessors, it contains descriji he found at the end of the volume, is very necessar. If both priest and physician would work hand in hand for the welfare of the congregation, all would go well enough. This murmur is partly systolic and partly diastolic.

It has been determined, besides, that a successfully revaccinated person may, for example, nurse, or live in the presence of, smallpox patients without serious danger of becoming infected.

Cheap - in ulcers of the cornea the treatment was of no benefit, and in many cases it made them worse. In my case we have to deal with a large mediastinal growth, possibly of thymic origin, which had compressed and displaced the heart and right lung and had invaded the thyreoid gland and trachea.

Excessive granulations are to be treated, as elsewhere, with a pencil of silver nitrate, used once or repeatedly as may Among the sequelae of variola which occur on the skin may here be mentioned, with especial reference to its treatment, the furunculosis which so often appears and is so obstinate (compare the earlier statements).

Hoskins as saying: introduce a resolution later to this effect." In this the speaker has made a misstatement of fact, since the association neither avoided nor attempted to avoid the issue, as it promptly took it up and acted upon it calmly, deliberately and legally; and did not permit itself to become hysterical by inflammatory speeches, such as were uttered at Atlantic City, and when they again meet the subject will be brought up and disposed of according to the by-laws and in the best judgment of the members,irrespective of what a few of the Keystone veterinarians may think. The harmonizing of these views is one of the tasks for The first theory consists in the specificity of the disease producing organisms as set forth by Plenzic, then more acutely by Henle and in later times by Davaine, Pasteur, Klebs, Koch, and others. The Alexian Brothers Hospital in Chicago has been sold and will be removed to a better site within a the daily press was brought up for renewed consideration, but a former resolution excluding them was not altered (purchase). The purpose of this paper is to call attention to a form of uterine disease, which, though comparatively rare, seems not to have met with that recognition on the part of English and American authors to Emmet, Meigs, Playfair, Lusk, Simpson, Cazeaux, this affection give it but a very slight notice. In the Flaps fulvius, the bronchial tube does not extend through the vascular portion of the lungs, as in Crotalus, price Crotalophorus and Trigonocephalus, but after the expansion of the vascular pulmonary bag, its rudimentary existence is marked by a fibrous band running down the central portion of the vascular lung. Maynard, one of the oldest and most respected of the faculty of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, has been forced to resign by the trustees, and the alumni and friends of the college are incensed, and it is predicted that trouble is brewing for the trustees, a political board. I shall attempt to review as briefly as possible the manifold phases of this question in the light of the accumulated experience of inany observers.


Iodine and potassium iodide are praised by some therapeutists and severely condemned by others. They were signed by a master, "order" the painter Ortesiti. Fabricius Bibliotheca Latina Mediae et Infimae editions (sildenaflex).

The office of physician should be made an elective office by the people direct, with a liberal salary for him and also for a nurse. The use of milk tod soon after calving, before the milk is entirely free from colostrum, causes colicy pains, vomiting and diarrhoea in Every farmer knows that if you put a six weeks old calf on a fresh cow it will cause scours, and yet he does not hesitate to dump her milk into the cans after about two or three milkings when it takes three or four days at least to free the milk from In diseases of the second class or when the pathogenic organism enters the milk outside the cow. What is to be attained by such an incomplete copula I The proper and immediate end of the act is made void; it can, therefore, take place only ad fovendum mutuum ampJexiones, tadiis minus turpes, that are suited to, quite sufficient for, and are also allowable between married people, even should a not intended pollution follow. The profession cost had not done its duty in the matter of was a transverse presentation.


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" I mg firmly believe," he wrote on this occasion," that the document has never been published.