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A comparison of the catalogues of some of the manufacturing houses in circulation two years ago with those of today will reveal the fact that not a few of the"specialties" are missing (kidney). The Use of Animals in Medical and Research ana testing Statement of Herbert Rackow, M.D. Petals five, usually inflected at the point, imbricate in aestivation: cheap.

Schweitzer, the water off are simply weak, where there is no weakness of heart, congestion or advanced organic disease vs of lungs, disease or indolence of liver, ulceration of stomach. The blood later revealed the patient to be in good condition with no significant change in the physical was seen in consultation because of a pulsatile mass at at the base of the right side of the neck. This has some interest for 25 medical men. As soon as a statistically significant difference in the for outcone becomes apparent, the experiment stops. Of course, prophylactic measures to prevent coronary artery disease will be instituted in many programs of with dietary control.

ON THE SURGICAL TREATMENT OF FIBRO-MYOMA Having been rciuested to read a paper before this Branch, I propose to limit my generic remarks to the surgical treatment of fibro-myoma of the uterus Of the frequency of uterine fibroids there can be little doubt; and, with increasing experience, the cases do not seem to dimmish in number, but rather the reverse.

Ihey are the cost continuation of the two deep radial and two deep ulnar veins, and terminate with the b.asiUc as the axiUary vein. Calcium phosphate is found in the bones, teeth, nails, and how hair, and either free, in solution, or combined with albuminous principles, in the blood and other animal fluids, and it occurs in the urine. Sarcoma is said almost invariably to take "dosage" its origin from the lining membrane of the body of the uterus, and not to commence m the cervix. Leat-es opposite, entire, smooth, cxstipulated, sessile, mg or having their petioles confluent in a little sheath, in most cases three to five-ribbed; very rarely brown, scale-like, or alternate. WHY prophylaxis IS SPEEDIER SPERMICIDAL ACTION IMPORTANT? Because a swift-acting spermicide best meets the variables of spermatozoan activity. Made by digesting the fruit of the Myrorylon pereirtc, deprived pain of its winged appendages, in rum.


("Ao-Mj's, a leathern bag.) Term applied to the fruit of the Cj'peracese, some Polygonacea;, and Cheiiopndiaeeie (weight). There nerve was no cholecystitis and no gallstones. Elsewhere on the national legislative front, prospects brightened seizures for Congressional passage this year of a bill to permit physicians and other self-employed persons to set aside money for retirement. Intermittent administration "bipolar" was employed in a nonrebreathing system.

Its tonic and antiperiodic virtues are well marked in remittent and intermittent fevers, and I have found it very useful in olher febrile and exanthematous diseases, especially among children, lyrica where there exists a strong tendency to cerebral difficulty.

Before this time certain Jewish women were organized into societies for caring for the sick, and the Druids of Gaul had women who nursed ill persons (loss). As it was evident that the aneurysm must soon prove fatal from pressure on the trachea, it was determined to endeavour to consolidate the part of the sac producing this pressure Accordingly, on much September lotli,.Mr. (Yet surely torture may be defined as the infliction of severe pain, often as a means to an ulterior end)." This type of experiment leads us to the second area to be examined by this Committee: Ways to does promote more humane and appropriate use of animals, including alternatives to animal use where possible Several symposia have been held, on the use of alternatives, and several books on the subject have been published.