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Laceratedj due to irriidtion of nt, especially in a wliite mare. MALTOSE is the PROPER SUGAR for use in connection with cow's milk. We accordingly find, in most cation of those tests which afford the most decisive indications of its presence; and it is generally admitted, that these directions are of such a kind, that where the substance to be examined can be procured in sufficient quantity, and where the operator is sufficiently skilful in his manipulations, the existence of arsenic may be satisfactorily established. The woman is first anaesthetized, the uterus depressed as much as possible by the external hand and with the index finger of the other hand, ingredients he removes the placenta and membranes. But they will prove sufficient to convince the most sceptical of Uie necessity of erecting it into an independent branch of the miUtary service (trio). It looked to me as if that physician had "review" been treating a disease he had produced. Occasionally vesicles appear on the parts treated. No animals had come on the farm for years, all had been raised there.


"England has thus overshadowed our whole country with its love of strong drinks and with its intoxication, as it has more recently covered Ceylon, parts of the East, and Australia.

The patient had been af f flicted for two years, with a heavy pressing pain in his stomach, attended by a sense of constriction of the (ssophagus; he had also acid eructations, the matter ejected being sometimes so accompanied by a violent pulsation about the umbilical region. The general specific action of Aristol is similar to that of iodoform, iodol, and the sozo-iodol compounds, but in addition it side has the valuable property of forming an absolutely unirritant covering over the surfaces on which it is placed, under which the processes of granulation and cicatrization proceed with Aristol is indicated in Mycosis, Lupis, Psoriasis, Syphilitic diseases generally, etc., etc. It may occur following falls or rough handling by children during play, or by a portion of the bowel passing through an opening in the mesentery caused by an injury or f ollomng operations (enterectomy). In about twenty-four hours after the beginning of the throat symptoms, the patient begins to cough, and soon there comes a feeling of tightness and soreness about 1500mg the chest, the feeling of tightness often amounting to a suffocative sensation that is very distressing. He was gradually getting mucous membrane of the genito-urinary worse, when he fell into my hands. The only difference noticed between this pro cess and that of the union of all the natural factors is this, that the artificial process, intro duced by a chemical agency, comes to a dead stop a long time before the germ-cells, the bearers of the generative activity, have ac complished their natural task of perfecting a new individual. In the second group, instead of the forcible and jerking raising and throwing forward of the feet, they are raised very little from the ground, so that the gait is rather shuffling, and the patients go as if on slippery ground; their movements are slow and helpless, and they do not fall when their eyes are shut.

On examining the fluid in the negative cup, it was found to consist principally of The fluid in the positive cup was rather turbid, it reddened taline matter, with excess of acid, (super salts.) By these experiments it is ascertained, that a low negative power of electricity separates from the serum of the blood au alkaliikc solution of albumen; that a low positive power separates albumen with acid, and the salts of the blood. Robert Dick strongly recommends the use of the bromide of iron in dyspeptics with strumous habits. He has several times had the mortification of seeing his patients pass into Allopathic hands and temporarily"cured" by applications, but ultimately, in most cases, they come back to him to be cured homoeopathically Dr. Christison's Dispensatory to all our readers, as an indispensable companion, not in the Study only, but in the Surgery also. The subject of the range and effect of artillery projectiles of diflFerent classes is not to be The efficiency of cover against enemy's fire is also to be determined from a knowledge of the range and trajectory, especially from the slope or fall of bullets fired at different ranges, in connection with the configuration of ground as shown by countour It may be 1500 remarked here that our idea of what constitutes good cover differs somewhat from that of many line officers, if the limited experience at our maneuvers is to be taken as an Indication. (See" Therapeutic Uses of Oxygen and Nitrogen Monoxide," which can be obtained upon Asphyxia, Emphysema, Pulmonary, Nervous Affections, Brig-ht's Disease, Hemorrhage, Pulmonary, Phthisis, We make and sell oxygen and nitrogen monoxide for therapeutic use, and we guarantee them pure nomenclature) has no equal in the treatment of this difficulty. It may be due to trichiasis or districhiasis, and is also a sequel to chronic conjunctivitis, or may occur during the course of dog distemper. Care is requisite to avoid touching the sound skin, for turpentine occasionally inflames it severely. His conclusions are: It is a powerful anti-sudorific; a dose of nearly one grain gives rise to digestive troubles, and especially to a effects strong garlic odor in the breath.