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Neuralgia, neuritis, muscular cramps, irritability, mental torpor, or aberration which customer eventually may lead to melancholia, with delusions of persecution and suicidal tendencies, or to maniacal outbursts. The utero-sacral ligaments are two muscular bands which pass backwards from the upper part of the cervix uteri to the sacrum, and enclose the rectum on the way; in the anterior part of their extent they raise up the peritoneum of the pouch of Douglas into two folds, the rectouterine ligaments, which serve to subdivide the pouch into compartments.

The result was that in two days the eye was out of all danger. It may reviews be given in large hours. It does not lav the patient up, nor does it interfere with his usual vocation or h kbits of life. Portions of diseased lung from one of these animals were submitted to Professors Walley and M'Fadyean, and their opinion was in consonance with that of the home authorities. Under the use of disinfectants the abscess soon improved, the plug from the catheter in defecating, the urine was forced around the catheter and made its exit freely from the perineal opening. M., and Swift, Homer Endocranial and otitic diseases, relation development of, after administration of Epinephrine and glandular extracts in subdural injections of, in experimental Epiphanin and Wassermann reactions in Epiphysis of femur, inferior, traumatic Erlanger, Joseph. We have also X-rayed every primipara routinely during this period and have recorded the circumference of the head and the time elapsing before birth. Graham, of Brussels, exhibited the stomach of a man who had committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid. The latest recorded experiments by Kossa and Kionka have been more and succeeded in inducing so-called avian gout.

For glaucoma with deep anterior chamber, as in serous cyclitis and congenital buphthalmos, paracentesis of the cornea is usually preferable to iridectomy. While I have nothing new to advance, and all that I shall say concerns matters already well threshed over and adjusted, I hope that reconsideration of some of these points may be not absolutely without interest. Strictures may be met with so small that nothing larger than a filiform bougie will pass, and occasionally even this A perceptible grasping of the sound by the resilient tissues of the stricture as it is withdrawn indicates an organic stricture rather than urethral In all urethral instrumentation, the greatest gentleness should be used. The shallow lace brassiere with its narrow silk ribbon straps catches the eye but not the breast. There are many carriers among the public and in these days of depression even in well-sewered cities sometimes great numbers have water supply cut off, the pit privy discarded and even the slop jar thrown away and what is there for the community but vaccination. In fifteen cases of cholecystotomy there has been no history of jaundice, and Mr. The stone was readily located but was disloged during mobilization of the ureter and shot upward out of reach in the dilated proximal ureter. In many cases of inguinal hernia, especially in adults and old people, lateral bulgings of the abdominal wall between the outer edge of the rectus and Poupart's ligament are seen when the patient is standing. It is well, if not our bounden duty to the profes sion, to place on record any unusual and especially any alarming symptom that may present itself. Welch, of Baltimore, said that his impression was that it was on the whole exceptional rather than the rule that the typhoid bacilli injected into the veins of rabbits established themselves permanently in the gallbladder, but, once established, they would certainly survive almost indefinitely. Thusy in cancer of the cervix pills venous congestion in the lower portions of the bladder suggests involvement of the vesicovaginal septum, and thq degree of operability of the condition is shown by observation of the, extent of retraction of the bladder and of elevation of the vesical trigone.


Psychic excitement, hallucinations, muscular twitchings, swelling of the extremities, and an itching, papular exanthem have also at times been noted: review. Saje methods of excreta disposal: All dwellings should be connected to a public sewer or be provided with other sanitary methods of disposal. Its action is slightly caustic and astringent and alterative. Using arrhythmia in its widest sense, the condition is met with at all ages from childhood to old age and in both sexes. Broncho-pneumonia is especially dangerous, its development often preceding a fatal termination, and it may lead to pulmonary gangrene. Line of thought brings to mind certain laparotomies that one has done or seen, in which there was only a little fibroid nodule, or something of the kind, where more serious injuries below, to the vagina Or the bladder, were what needed attention lather than the abdominal conditions.