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To remedy this, some lawyers, and some doctors, drawing large salaries from railroad companies, are moved with a desire to render the best possible service to their employers, or else for some cheap notoriety, have agreed upon a plan uk to remedy this evil. NOW, THEREFORE, We the undersigned electors of the said City of Los Angeles, do hereby petition your honorable body to adopt the said ordinance for the City of Los Angeles, or, if the same be not adopted by Council, we hereby demand the submission of the said ordinance to a vote of the qualified electors of the said City of Los Angeles, in accordance with the sections of the City Charter of the City of Los Angeles governing the initiative: fda. For this reason, if for no other, the method of sell solving the problem of the unfit should be proper segregation, not sterilization. A card catalogue of subjects and individual articles is being made, in and the working value of the collection thus greatly enhanced. There is but one feature in regard to syphilis centralis which is not discussed in the article, which seems to be of considerable importance: Will vigorous cvs treatment prevent the further progress of the disease? This question is especially important in tabetics. The shells taking have an impersonal way of killing many of them. His Christian wife, four fine sons, and two does sisters are left to mourn for him and to cherish the memory of ten thousand acts of kindness and expressions of tender affection. In a certain regard it is useless to give him for much advice in regard to food, alcohol, tobacco, exercise, so stereotyped in any physiological vices which he may have that he is not likely to change his habits. The material to be ground is held on a lathe, hence there is no dust baiard for the should has be protected by properly fitting covers, or connected with hoods, when necessary, through which toxic fumes may be drawn oflF by exhaust fans. This prolonged contact is intended to ensure buy the destruction of the acari, and especially to reach those which may have wandered on to the clothing; the individual who is thus covered with sulphuroalkaline ointment is a sulphurous vapours. But there is a good principle involved, and we want to hand it to some scientist who will complete it (effectiveness). The interparoxysmal mental state is characterized by selfishness, complaints, craving for sympathy and used attention, rapidly changing moods, intensified perceptions and lack of will or definite purpose. Chandler makes the by following remarks:"Probably in no part of the world are the causes of insanity more numerous and more active than among the population of Massachusetts. In subacute and chronic intractable cases, however, it has proved, in his "can" experience, the most satisfactory addition to our therapeutic armamentarium that has yet been devised. Yourherd will grade as follows: The first generation will be half-b'ood judgin.;nt is necessary, so tiiat you may cease' breeding in-and-in whenever it is found that the constitutional vigor, or feeding qualities of virection tie progeny arc unpaired. Thoughts on Acclimation and Adaptation of Races "approved" to Climates. Teeth at two weeks old, showing four store temporary incisors. With the restarting of the fan and the reopening of the ventilators no further All employees, as soon as they evidence the least sign of plumbism, should anyone be removed to some less dangerous type of work in the factory or advised to seek some entirely different form of employment, for one attack of acute plumbism often predisposes to others, although this is not always the case, especially if the workman, being warned by one attack, learns to take better care of himself.

Give a tablespoonful morning and Give two tablespoonfuls "is" three times a Mix.

Directions - breeders are also Jteginning to understand the value of kind and careful treatment, as well as of careful training, in their inlluence upon hereditary traits.


Amazon - it is the bone rather than the teeth which attracts our attention.