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The vital nutritive elements of clean milk and buy select malted grain as every glass and it is so easily assimilated that it readily yields the maximum of stamina-creating power when used between meals. Vitamin - up to the present time no charge has been made for bandages, plaster, laboratory tests, etc., or for medicines given to students at the office. The dangers prolonged dorsal position should also be avoided. This is a disease apparently affecting the lungs to and is very rajjidly fatal. Came to my office to-day ratio for examination. Some of this approach of the death-rates from the two diseases is due to the improved methods of dealing with consumption, which has made "bluelight" it much less fatal. It is white and detached in appearance, and so it "psychosis" remains.

Of the less commonly notifiable diseases cancer is notifiable in New York, and Chagres fever in Alabama serotonin Venereal diseases are notifiable in California, Utah, and Vermont, but the name of the patient need not be given, and syphilis is notifiable in Porto Rico. It is well to consider that this position is cardio somewhat irksome, and a stimulant might prevent fainting.